Yoga Dept Class Descriptions!

Yoga Dept Class Descriptions:


Pilates Circuit: Pilates Circuit, focuses on the principles of Pilates, designed to strengthen, lengthen and tone the body with the added bonus of increasing the heart rate,.
If you find your existing training has plateaued this circuit may be just the thing to reconnect to your deep stabilising muscles and still get that sweat on.

Pilates Flow: Sweat, breathe and strengthen your body in Pilates Flow. Integrating the six principles of Pilates into our dynamic classes find yourself lengthening and defining muscles you didn’t even know you had. Improve your core, stability and coordination as we develop the mind body connection using a variety of kit and incorporating the power and strength of your own body. Be prepared to sweat a little – all levels welcome.

Arms and Abs Pilates: Arms and Abs 30min focused session is the perfect quickie workout or add on to a previous class. With the focus on lengthening, strengthening and toning the arms and abs it the perfect combo to fire up your body and get you feeling strong and lean!

Barre Attack: Step up to the barre and find out what the plie-ing is all about. A dynamic fusion of ballet, pilates and fitness, Barre Attack will have you releasing your inner ballerina (no tutus required) to upbeat tunes as you create longer, leaner muscles as well as improved posture and balance.

Barre Ballet: Find your inner ballerina in a more gentle style of Barre that blends ballet conditioning and toning exercises with Pilates elements to give you a full body, dynamic workout. No ballet background required.

Hatha Fusion: Roll out your mat in Hatha Fusion to experience gentle postures with a focus on alignment that allows you to quieten the mind and dive deep into the body. Expect a traditional hatha approach yoked with supported floor based postures and gentle movement practices. Our teachers will vary the themes, sequences and pace of the class to allow you to find new experiences each time you arrive on the mat. (Unheated except for chilly winter days when we warm the studio to approx 23 degrees).

Vinayasa Beats Open: Roll out your mat and join us with some of the funkiest tunes in a dynamic heated practice. Find your flow, move to the groove and challenge your mind and body in this open to all levels class. The only requirement – be ready to move your body and have fun.
Heated to 28 degrees.

Vinyasa Level 1: Through the development of foundational postures and breathing techniques, as well as essential alignment and modifications you can explore and develop your yoga practice. Perfect for beginners or those who wish to work back into the fundamental elements of their practice. Heated to 28 degrees

Vinyasa Level 2: Through creative sequencing, more challenging postures and a deeper immersion into philosophy and breath techniques you will be able to further develop your practice and your relationship to yourself. Some experience in yoga recommended. Heated to 28 degrees.

Yin: Yin yoga is a subtle, meditative style of yoga practice with a focus on the connective tissue and energetic pathways of the body.  Expect to use props to support your body as you lean in and explore your inner landscape whilst improving the deep connection of body and mind.

Yin & Yang: This class combines the slow, meditative practice of yin yoga to open the body’s connective tissue with the dynamic practice of yang/vinyasa yoga to strengthen and stretch the muscles. The practice of yin/yang helps us learn about the stillness of movement and the flow of stillness – the perfect all-around mind/body experience to round out your routine.

Meditation: Lengthen, rejuvinate and unwind in a group meditation class. Be guided into stillness and experience calmness with our instructors who will use varying techniques and methods for you to explore your inner landscape


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