Studio 1

Studio 1 is P.E. Dept.’s action packed functional training studio, where you will find personal freedom as well as structured classes. This is a place where members are treated like family, where you will kick goals and continually be encouraged to challenge yourself. This is an environment where you will laugh, learn, sweat and make new connections with team mates who share the common goal of living a healthier life. An arsenal of diverse equipment and possibility awaits.

Studio 2

Your place to relax, unwind and focus, Studio 2 is P.E. Dept.’s multi purpose wellness studio where you can stretch, balance, tone and sweat. Consider it your quiet place, away from the hustle and bustle of your work day, the gym floor and everything in between. With a well balanced blend of Pilates, Barre, TRX and Yoga classes, Studio 2 is there to help you through a busy week, to tone up or to let off some steam.


Gym floor

Our gym floor is classic and complete. We have an array of cardio, free weights and strength machines to keep your goals on track. Whether you’re training at the crack of dawn, lunchtime or right before bed, P.E. Depts. Gym floor will always cater to your needs. P.E. Dept. prides itself off not being the overcrowded and underappreciated gym that we see all too often, so pop in and experience it for yourself!

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