Veronica (Vee)

Veronica (better known as Vee) is founder and head trainer of the Functional Dept.

Her background in fitness stems from an early age training and competing as a professional athlete for distance running. From 2009-2012 she was based in the USA on an athletics scholarship competing in the national varsity system for cross country and track/field, and has been sponsored by some of the top sporting brands including SKINs Compression Gear, Nike and Gatorade. She has raced internationally representing Australia numerous times with podium finishes, as well as still holding various running records around the country still standing today.

Since no longer competing Vee has been working on the other side of the spectrum, now focusing on coaching and training others to achieve their fitness and athletic goals. She has been involved in some of Sydney’s best bootcamps and functional training gyms as a Senior Trainer and continues to develop her knowledge and appreciation for functional training and its attributes towards athletic performance. She is also heavily involved in Teen Fitness running various junior athletic programs and was previously head writer for the Fitness Sector of Girlfriend Magazine. She also writes for various fitness columns and blogs including

Vee’s passion for fitness and healthy living although heavily influenced from her athletic pursuits and commitments has been broadened (in her wise old age hehe!!) and she now enjoys working with the everyday person in achieving their fitness, weightless, and healthy living goals. Vee’s formal qualifications include Certificate III and Certificate IV in Personal Training through the Australian Institute of Fitness, Master Trainer, Senior First Aid Qualified and Level II Running Coaching accredited.