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Yoga Dept Class Descriptions!

Yoga Dept Class Descriptions: Pilates Circuit: Pilates Circuit, focuses on the principles of Pilates, designed to strengthen, lengthen and tone the body with the added bonus of increasing the heart rate,. If you find your existing training has plateaued this circuit may be just the thing to reconnect to your deep stabilising muscles and still get that…

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What is Vinyasa?

So, you’re thinking about starting a yoga class, or maybe you have booked in at the studio, or you are chatting about your yoga plans with a friend – but what exactly is “Vinyasa”.   At Yoga Dept we define Vinyasa as a dynamic, fluid style of yoga that unites physical movement (yoga poses or…

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Update on Yoga Dept!

      Update on Yoga Dept! An idea is born late last year, someone (we’re thinking Vee) spills the beans wayyyyy to early, but everyone is excited and pushes forward to make it happen. It doesn’t take long and a plan is in place, settlement (finally) happens and the space is ours. #yogadept Lisa is…

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