Sleep Advice From One of the Best!

Do you struggle to fall asleep, or wish you could sleep deeper? If so you should chat to Alex Fergus, one of our former PTs of PEDept.

He has an amazing story. He told me how used to long for a good night sleep all day.

alex fergus

Promising himself an early night when he would get home from work. But then of course he would go to bed exhausted, but his mind would be racing.

“Wired & tired”.

Eventually he would get to sleep at some wee hour, only to be jolted awake from his alarm clock. Struggling out of bed, going straight for the double shot of coffee he would struggle through the morning wishing he could have ‘a few more minutes’ in bed.

This cycle continued for years, until he decided to learn about sleep and, more importantly, how to fix it.

4 years later his sleeps a solid 8-9 hours a night, rarely waking through the night and waking naturally without an alarm!

What makes his story most impressive is the fact that he now helps people around the world improve their sleep. Sharing the tips and tricks he learnt over the years.

beat the flu

Alex has put together his top tips for improving your sleep and is giving them away for FREE to our followers. If you want to access these tips (and learn a bit more about his story) then head to his page to find out more. Enjoy!

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