Sean – Personal Trainer

Sean’s always been active. It started young with competitive soccer, basketball and tennis. Growing up near the beach gave him easy access to the ocean so surfing became part of his everyday life early he trained as a junior surf life saver. I learned to snowboard when I was young so these sports came naturally to me.

I was into everything- studied Tai Kwon do and judo, then moved on to kick boxing and boxing. At the age of 18, Sean found himself overweight and unfit as a result of a poor lifestyle and cheap/ low quality food choices.

His friend was working as a trainer and got him in the gym which was the beginning of Sean’s journey into health and fitness Industry. He dropped from 120kgs to 83kgs in 6 months. ‘’It sounds easy when I say it, but changing up your diet and training weights regularly meant living very differently.’’

By 2004 Sean was qualified and happily working as a personal trainer. He found his calling. 2 years later, he saw a guy practicing which he found out to be a traditional Chinese martial art, Sean asked to be introduced to his teacher. Studying with a martial arts master gave Sean a greater understanding of how to train his body to be strong but remain fast and agile.

Sean is still studying this amazing philosophy of movement today but now also teaching. In 2007, Sean introduced to stretching and the wonderful practice of yoga. Sean regularly explores this meditative art to deepen his awareness and create time to observe his body and allows him to experience stillness. Sean also obtained his qualification as a massage therapist in 2007 and has continually researched new healing systems to be an effective healer.

Sean has successfully helped many people achieve their desired health and fitness goals by combining resistance training, yoga and massage to restore balance, correct posture, heal injuries and create a happy healthy body that looks and feels great. Health is a lifestyle, it’s about knowing how to enjoy the journey.