Luke Champion

Luke, like Evan, was born into the Fitness Industry and has ever since been consumed by the energy and passion that his parents, Nigel and Lisa Champion have shown over the years. For as long as Luke can remember, training and athletic development has been a huge part of day-to-day life.

In 2011, as soon as school finished, Luke completed his Cert III & IV in Fitness and Personal Training at the Australian Institute of Fitness.

For the past 5 years Luke has worked as a Personal Trainer, Group Trainer, Careers Consultant (Australian Institute of Fitness), Sales Manager (Planet Fitness, France) and Head Trainer (F45 Darlinghurst). With experience from both France and Australia, Luke brings a versatile and fresh approach to PE Dept and the management team. 

Luke comes on in 2017 to lead the group training component of the gym and will be with Vee and owner/operator within the business.

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