Functional Dept Class Descriptions!

Functional Dept Class Descriptions:

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V8 Racer: Our signature session and highest energy class. Cardio based class of AMRAPs circuit format and will often be working in partners for some healthy fun competition. Clients go between high rep floor exercises and cardio options. Aim is to increase muscular and cardio endurance through sustained level of moderate intensity exercises.

GRITT: This class is our strength based session of the week thus focusing on heavier weights, slightly longer rest periods, stationed circuits and targeting multiple muscle groups. Great for building muscle, leaning out and developing a stronger base with your fitness routine.

Strength: Our Strength class – similar to GRITT in that it is heavier weights focused – however today we will move in more of a traditional strength programing style focusing on heavier sets & reps for hypertrophy and muscle conditioning.

Metcon: Utilising blood shunting circuits to get the results of improved fitness and muscular strength. These classes are designed around individual fitness levels using the philosophies of strength & conditioning to unsure the body is continually overloaded and challenged with new exercises. Always ensuring that correct mobilisation and warmup are performed.

BOXHIIT: Our action packed BOX HIIT class combines body weight exercises, mixed martial arts and boxing drills in an interval format. You don’t need any prior boxing or MMA experience, we will teach you the drills and have you working the pads in no time. This class will be both cardio and resistance training and quite metabolically demanding. We supply the gloves and pads but you are welcome to bring your own if preferred.

HIIT: This is our highest intensity class of the week and will include highly functional, plyometric and diverse exercises with elements of both cardio and strength to get you a massive calorie burn during and after your workout. Structure of class will involve working in time format max working time and minimal rests between.

WOW Circuit: Workout On the Weekend – Our signature Saturday workout! Big circuit either working on own or in pairs for timed stations. Always a fun one and will hit full body with combination of strength and cardio stations.

Core + Mobility: Core + Mobility is our core focused training class that focuses on ways to train your abs in a dynamic, functional and results based way. Its not just about doing a million crunches, its about learning how to engage your abs in all daily movement patterns.

TRX Body Blast: TRX Body Blast is a whole body workout incorporating strength, fitness and ab work to deliver a workout like none other!

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