A Day in the Life of a Peronal Trainer!

Ever wondered what a day in the life of one of your Personal Trainer's looks like? These guys spend all their time telling you what to do, aren't you just a little curios to see if they practice what they ...
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winter fitness

Fitness Tips to Head Into Winter!

As we start to head into Winter, make sure you hold yourself accountable to your fitness and what you want to be feeling (and looking like) come Summer! We all know that loosing weight, toning up, and putting on muscle ...
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P.E.Dept Welcomes Danielle Kennedy to the Team!

A few of you by now may have met this kiwi beauty - Danielle Kennedy; our newest PT to the team and coming on as one of our lead Functional Dept Trainers. We thought we'd share a little more background on ...
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PT Sean Lisa

Why Even PT’s have a PT!

Just because you are a doctor, does that mean you wouldn't see another doctor? Or because you are a chef, does that mean you would never eat someone else's cooking? It might seem odd to you, that someone with a degree and ...
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Lest we forget.   ANZAC Day Hours: GYM OPEN 7am - 8pm All classes cancelled except STRENGTH 1pm ...
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P.E. Dept Enters the Balmoral Burn to Support the Humpty Dumpty Foundation!

MAY GROUP FITNESS CHALLENGE: DOING IT FOR A CAUSE   The Balmoral Burn! Supporting The Humpty Dumpty Foundation When: 29th May the Balmoral Burn Fun Run What: 420m Hill Sprint Race. We will enter the Hill of Hurt Race as a ...
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evan 3

Saturday Launch Event Featuring Yoga Dept and Strength Dept!

Come join us at P.E. Dept this Saturday for OPEN Gym and our new department launches! Strength Dept Launch Strength Dept launches at P.E.Dept Gym as the strength & conditioning component to our group training program. Led by elite coaches ...
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opening soon

New Timetables!

FUNCTIONAL - STRENGTH - YOGA DEPT OPENING SOON! Functional Dept and Strength Dept will officially launch Saturday 16th of April with open classes starting from 8:00am. The below timetable will kick off from Monday April 18th. Please book in to ...
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yoga mantra

New Classes Launching Soon!

With the new departments soon to launch, the timetable at P.E.Dept is about to look pretty damn impressive! Read below the new and exciting classes coming soon to meet all your training needs at P.E.Dept.   FUNCTIONAL DEPT: CLASS DESCRIPTIONS V8 ...
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flyer strength func

Functional Dept and Strength Dept Launching Soon at P.E.Dept Gym!

Functional Dept “To create a community of followers, a “tribe” of clients loyal to PE.Dept and the Functional Dept. Aimed to motivate, inspire and help these clients achieve their fitness goals as well as encouraging them to lead healthier lives as a ...
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yoga dept figure

Exciting Changes at P.E.Dept Gym!

Yoga Dept Soon to Launch at PE. As many of you know, P.E is in expansion mode (but don't worry, we haven't moved too far!) In fact we are expanding to directly below the current gym, taking over the previous ...
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outside yoga1

Update on Yoga Dept!

      Update on Yoga Dept! An idea is born late last year, someone (we're thinking Vee) spills the beans wayyyyy to early, but everyone is excited and pushes forward to make it happen. It doesn't take long and a ...
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