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A Day on a Trainer’s Plate – Neil Peters!

As we continue to delve into the secret (or not so secret) lives of our PEDEPT Trainers, we are soon realising that no trainer eats the same. Of majority they all advocate a "clean" and "healthy" diet, but there are ...
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The August Invite!!

Stuck in a rut? Unmotivated? Not getting results? Come to the gym only to feel like it's time wasted? Well, we are here to help! Throughout the month of August we want to invite all our PE gym members to ...
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The Lifestyle Tips of a Time Poor Trainer: Sean Rigelsford

A day in the life of PT Sean Rigelsford: I've finally found the time to sit and write this all down to share with everyone. What I've come to realise over the years is that the many little lifestyle choices ...
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vee holiday

How to Keep Fit On Holidays!

For those of you lucky enough to be escaping the Sydney Winter over the next few weeks, we thought we'd focus on a few tips for while you are on holiday mode so as you come back feeling better than ...
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Wholefoods Dept Has Officially Opened!

Wholefoods Dept opened it's doors to Potts Point and Sydney foodies on Tuesday 21st June, and we are pumped for the journey ahead! Our philosophy is simple, we want to bring real cooking, nutritious and wholesome food to our local community ...
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P.E.Dept Welcomes Newest Trainer to the Team: Neil Peters!

“Improving your health and wellbeing through fitness and personalized nutritional advice” Born in Zimbabwe, Neil played a lot of sport, including 8 years of Karate where he placed as high as Second at National Level Competitions. After moving to New ...
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This week we feature a workout from Vee. She recently took herself and Danielle through it on a rainy Saturday morning... needless to say, it got them wide awake and ready to roll (back into bed by about 3pm haha!) ...
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Day in the Life of a PT – Thomas Lacombe

Thomas Lacombe: My typical day as a personal trainer   RING RING RING!!!! Typical PT alarm time... It's 5am and I'm up.  First off I jump in a cold shower (thanks to Mr Fergus), I find that it is a great ...
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beat the flu

Stay Active and Flu Free this Winter Season!

With Winter approaching (as delayed as it may seem with this glorious weather!) we still want to make sure that we stay active, healthy and flu free as possible this season! To help keep you in top form, we have ...
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What is Vinyasa?

So, you’re thinking about starting a yoga class, or maybe you have booked in at the studio, or you are chatting about your yoga plans with a friend - but what exactly is “Vinyasa”.   At Yoga Dept we define ...
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Technique Workshop 28th May

What: Lifting Technique Workshop! Open to all PE and Group Members. This will be a 1hr class dedicated to working on proper technique and form correction for basic compound lifts and movements. By improving them in this class and understanding ...
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31 Day Challenge – Half Way and Feeling Strong!

We are half way through yet another of our 31 Day Accountability Challenges and the team is looking strong! The challenge is not based on looks or weight lost, but rather on holding yourself accountable to your training and not ...
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