Benny Seymour

BENNY head shot

Benny comes to us with a wealth of knowledge from his elite athlete background. Benny has trained and played professionally (Rugby) around the world, recently coming back from time in Europe to now follow his passion of coaching others to reach their greatest potential in health and fitness.


Benny has excelled in the sporting world which has influenced his approach to everyday fitness for himself and those he trains. As an athlete he has played on a professional level in Australia, New Zealand and in Europe; reaching a level of superior fitness as well as an understanding of balanced nutrition to match his training demands.


Now working on the other end of the spectrum as coach rather than athlete, Benny shares his passion for fitness, nutrition and healthy lifestyle choices to those willing to learn. He specialises in athlete sports conditioning, hypertrophy training and individual strength programming.
His focus is on helping his clients, whoever they are with no goal too big, by providing effective, motivating programs encompassing fitness, good nutrition and mentoring.


Benny will be both taking on PT Clients as well as working in the Strength Department of P.E.Dept.
Qualifications include:

  • Level 1 Strength and Conditioning
  • ASCA Accredited
  • First Aid and CPR
  • Business Diploma


Social media:

Instagram: @seemorebenny





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